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Hello, my name is George Heinz and I live with my wife and son in the mountains of Montana. We live on a piece of land we call the Cirql H; it is a little over 20 acres and is in Paradise Valley, about 1000 feet above the Yellowstone River . This is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

My path here has been long and amazing. I’ve spent most of the last 35 years working and playing in Yellowstone National Park. My jobs in the park were diverse; As an Interpretive Ranger, I worked at the Old Faithful Visitor Center and I wrote and hosted Yellowstone’s podcasts. The Inside Yellowstone podcasts were made to help visitors understand the many different aspects of our first national park. The Visiting Yellowstone podcasts were developed to help with planning a great Yellowstone adventure. You can still find those on iTunes and on Yellowstone’s National Park Service website. I have also worked as a Bear Education and Protection Ranger and a Wolf Project technician. I drove park busses and snow coaches. My Yellowstone career started in the Old Faithful Inn where I worked as a linen truck driver, a bartender and a bell hop.

I have taken breaks from Yellowstone. In those years, I worked on a barge for the Corps of Engineers, I drove semi trucks and I worked as a Pepsi route driver. I have owned a small diner in Bozeman with my sister and I was a cheese straightener at a White Castle factory for two days. I have also been the front office manager of a ski resort in Lake Tahoe.

I have done more than work. I’m a graduate of Montana State University and I’ve walked, paddled and sailed many of the most beautiful trails and waters from British Columbia to the Caribbean. I’ve had to use my reserve parachute when my main chute didn’t open; that will make ya lose some weight. I’ve stood face to face with bears and wolves; that’s also a weight loss option.

My greatest accomplishments include finding and marrying one of the most incredible women alive. She inspires me, laughs with me and for some crazy reason loves me. Together, we have climbed mountains and sat motionless when we found a good view. We have had a daughter that died at birth and a son that is full of life.

I don’t know if my posts will make you laugh or cry. They may just make you turn the page. But, thanks for coming on the ride.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. This is WONDERFUL George! I still need to pass you the photos of Indigo and Oly from December. Love to you and your family!

  2. George, I have been down in the basement on this rainy afternoon in Louisville and came across an article from the Courier Journal from September 19, 2008 about you. It so happens that I will be spending the summer as a volunteer for the YA this summer at the Overlook location. I would love to meet you if it is convenient for you. May I get in touch this summer? We can compare notes on our history with YNP.

    • Marie, thanks for looking at my writing. But, it looks like the world of Yellowstone is yours for now. I moved to Orcas Island a couple of years ago. Good luck, George

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