Oly Will Never be a Boy Scout


I’m ashamed that I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America. The recent vote to allow gays is all I needed to decide if my son Oly will ever be a member of the boy scouts. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the fact that they allowed gays to join, it is the fact that they had to vote on that. What a pitiful group of men.

I loved being a scout; in many ways, it was a driving factor in my becoming a park ranger in Yellowstone. But, when I was a scout, we didn’t worry about the other kids sexual orientation. How many 11 year olds do you know that are openly gay? Even if a young boy feels different at that age, do you think he is openly talking about his thoughts at 11 years old? I don’t think so. Are scout leaders saying they can’t help our kids learn about life if they are gay?

What really irks me is most of those people would say that being gay is against their religious beliefs. Well dude, I don’t want to know your god. The god I learned about was all accepting.  

I was a member of Boy Scout Troop 40, which meets at Saint Paul United Methodist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been thirty-five years and I still consider a few of the people I met there among my closest friends. We even had a gay assistant leader; some of us knew it and we still were safe and we excelled in scouting.

Of the 1400 people that were called on to vote, over 40% voted to not allow gay kids; really? That is nearly 500 men that voted to ban gays. I wonder how many of those 500 men are secretly gay? More than a couple dozen would be my guess; the others just play the fool so well. Can you say reach-around?

So, what have we learned about the Boy Scouts of America? We have learned that the leaders are bigots and fools. We have also learned that they love closets.

I helped Troop 4 from St Agnes in Louisville plan a trip to Yellowstone that they will take this summer; I will never help a scout troop again.

Some of the smartest, most beautiful and honest people I have met in my life are gay and who cares? Maybe I should go back to the scouts and earn my Bigot Merit Badge, because I just don’t get it.








7 thoughts on “Oly Will Never be a Boy Scout

  1. To this day, I am proud of the many life lessons recieved in scouts. Standing up and being a good man is the most important I believe is the most important. One of the important things I learned is acceptance of people to be different. Being gay does not make you evil as in being straight does not make you good. People have a better chance of being good by learning what scouting teaches . I am pretty sure my friends in scouts that turned out to be gay are good guys, gay or straight.

  2. We love “Uncle” George a little bit more today than yesterday… If that is possible. Well said! You are the type of role model we choose for our sons!

  3. so Portland has their answer to this–It is the 55th Cascadia scouts–It is the “alternative” scouting scene. It is about getting back to the roots of scouting–exploring the outdoors. It is their response to excluding gays–It is open to boys,girls,men. women.. In a city where not social problem is too big–they hope to make scouting multiple choice. and ready” to make the core values of inclusive scouting a priority”

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