I Hate Wednesdays!

I don’t remember much about the Wednesdays of my childhood. I think, I always thought positive about Wednesdays. According to Poo or Eeyore or maybe Owl, “Wednesday’s are blustery days.”Image That’s probably why I’m thinking about Wednesday on Monday; last night was blustery. The wind was coming from the south and slamming into Oly’s side of the house. It felt like Wednesday.

One good thing about Wednesday is that it is in the middle of the week and that means the weekend is closer. I don’t care if you work weekends or have them all off, weekends are the best days: football, camping and more people enjoying life. Weekends rock.

Today, Wednesdays are when Oly’s Aunt Debbie goes in for treatment. It is the day that she does some cancer butt-kicking. This cancer butt-kicking will last another two dozen weeks or so. So, for now, Wednesdays suck. I can’t wait until I get them back and I will. In a few months, I believe Wednesdays will be the best days, because Wednesday will be the day that saved my sister’s life. Then, I’ll just hate a few days in April.   


5 thoughts on “I Hate Wednesdays!

  1. I really do not like sundays—or sometimes Mondays –on second thought-Wed are sort of neutral—anyway — I will think of Debbie today–and put a light around her—She must be a strong lady–I would like to send her a card—what is her address.
    With love Linda

  2. Thanks for another awesome post. You are an incredible dad and brother. I can’t believe any of us slept through the wind last night. I will never think of Wednesdays the same.

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