Place Holder

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My job as a stay at home dad is to survive until Oly can see his mom again. If you know Megan, you can’t blame him. Who would want to hang with me when she is available? Not Oly and not many others. Megan works from home on Wednesday and Friday. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, it is survival. On those days, my day goes like this:

Meg leaves at 6am. (Read this as fast as you can).

Play with Oly until he sleeps around 7. At 7:30, let Oly get some exercise; beach ball, jumpy whatjamajig or some other exercise. Send Aunt Debbie a picture. Feed Oly some cereal. Clean-up cereal from every crevice of Oly and the house. Change diaper, pick out clothes for the day. Let Oly play on his mat while I start the truck. Rush back inside to roll Oly back over (falling in the snow on my way). Check Diaper dude bag; reload with diapers, wipes, toys and change of clothes. Roll Oly back over. Load diaper bag and extras in truck. Fall in snow again. Roll Oly back over. Get music, sun glasses, coffee and water. Roll Oly over. Carry Oly to the warm truck. Rush back in the house (falling on my way) to gather forgotten stuff. Rush back to truck (falling). Get Oly to stop crying. Rush back to the house to stoke the fire. Pet Henry. Rush back to truck (slipping but no fall). Slip and slide down the hill to the highway. Drive the 45 minutes to Megan’s work. Drive around Livingston, if I’m early, until Megan can meet us and feed Oly. Stop at the store and let all the ladies smile at Oly. Drive the 45 minutes back home. Unpack the truck as quiet as possible, so I don’t wake Oly. There should be at least one slip in the snow in there. Tip-toe around house until Oly wakes. More play time. Read a book. Feed Oly some banana or sweet tater. Spray down the area to clean up sweet tater. Read to Oly and walk in circles until we see that red truck come down the drive. Watch Oly smile at his beautiful mom. Breathe.  


5 thoughts on “Place Holder

  1. I am still laughing—You go dad!!remember–things change rapidly-and so will Oly–He is so lucky to have you !!!
    Meg’s mom—you make me so proud to be her mom.

  2. Love this! I can just see the sweet tater all over the house, on the floor, on the ceiling, how did he do that!?

    Also “get music, sun glasses, coffee, and water” – sounds JUST like my dad. You all sure are brothers!

    Love you all so much, thinking of you always. Keep writing!!

  3. Sounds like a great day. Should make my day in meetings a lot more fun just thinking about those good times your having. special days George, special days.

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