The Wrong Damn Schedule


Like all parents do, we wonder about Oly’s future; We wonder what he will become: a lawyer, a doctor, an astronaut? Only time will tell. I believe I know which direction he leans. I think he is going to be a farmer, if they still have farmers when he grows-up. He wakes at 4am; only farmers get up that early. As my mom says, “Paybacks are hell”. My father always told me, “you are on the wrong damn schedule.” That was because I came in at 4am. Now, at 54, I’m up at 4, as sober as a nun. Don’t Monkey with the Monkey.


4 thoughts on “The Wrong Damn Schedule

  1. When one turns 70 yrs— 54 is very young–and remember I treked in Nepal at 58yr–so young father!!!!
    Love Mother-in-law

  2. I’m Glad to see you blossom into a great father. I always knew it was there just waiting to get out. smiles as I read about Megan and You and Oly.

  3. He’s getting so much exposure to Louisville that I’m sure he thinks he’s living, and sleeping, in Kentucky. As far as he’s concerned, it’s 6:00am when he wakes up.

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