I Can’t Wait!

It was just a couple of weeks, a handful of beers and several panic attacks past my 54th birthday when I became a father. To be honest, I feel like Peggy Sue; you know the story. I can hear all my friends back home in Kentucky talking, “did you hear?, George became a dad!”

I have managed to do everything late in life. I went to college late, I married late and I became a father late.

Today, Oly turned 8 days old; he is beautiful and strong. He scares me. I don’t know if you can imagine the emotions flowing through my world? I’m not afraid of the lack of sleep or all the stuff you read about when researching how to raise a baby. I don’t need much sleep. There are books on everything and Oly’s mom has read them. She has been the most prepared mom since the get-go.

I’m a different story. I dream and work around our land. I dream of how it will look when Oly grows-up. I can’t wait. I’m going to be a stay at home dad and we will be rafting the Yellowstone, kayaking Yellowstone Lake and sailing the waters of the world. I can’t wait. So as we wobble on to this adventure, let’s pack as much living into the next twenty years as we can dear Oly.

I have so many dreams for you and your mom. It scares me to be old. But, if you dear Oly will promise to take care of your mom, I will teach you compassion and I will love you forever. Jibe Ho Oly.